Things I Learned Last Night

Despite being on the verge of illness, I decided to head into Brooklyn for a show. After all, it was that or stay home alone and be bored. Within five minutes of being there I witnessed a girl crying on the sidewalk, which is always an awkward situation. From past experiences I’ve learned that one […]

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The Meaning of Life

Your innate curiosity brought you here.  Even though you’re probably skeptical, you still want to see if some stranger on the internet has finally found what you’re looking for: the meaning of life.  Well, read on and let yourself decide whether or not the following meets your requirements for an adequate and acceptable meaning. The […]

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Grocery Store Blues

Usually I won’t give a back story for a poem or set of lyrics because most of the time they come out of an image or random thought. However, given the bizarre nature of this one I figure it’s worth the context. My buddy Pat and I have been working on a movie script for […]

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No Cable

There are certain luxuries you give up when you force yourself to learn the value of budgeting. Cable is probably the one thing that’s been the most noticeable loss. Considering I only watch a handful of channels, the value just wasn’t there anymore. When I lived with my parents, I would watch marathons of Pawn […]

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Limitlessly Limited

As a species that is completely obsessed with the superhuman it is easy to understand why we often forget that we are human. And maybe we forget because inherent to being human is the recognition that we are limitlessly limited. This is perhaps why we as a species have gone through so much trouble and […]

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Winter Fumes

The grass is turning green again The trees are beginning to bloom Spring is just around the bend And I’m running on fumes Wish I were renewable But time is not on any man’s side Wish I were renewable Like the seasons and like the tide written: 2011

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Three Fools & The Captain

Yosemite National Park is a vast and magnificent universe located on the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  It is only proper to speak of Yosemite as its own world.  Any day hike to one of the massive peaks or cliffs, which overlook the entire valley and expanse that is the park and surrounding […]

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