Local Music Seems to Be Getting Awesome Again

Since I was 13 I’ve been pretty involved in local music in New Jersey. At first it was just going to a lot of shows, thanks largely in part to awesome parents, who would shuttle my friends and I an hour away to places like Birch Hill or Krome, both of which are extinct venues now. Then I fell into booking the shows. I’ve seen the ebb and flow as far as the strength of the local music scene goes. At times it is strong and the potential is great, but it always seemed that momentum would be squashed and eventually everything would stagnate. It would become boring even.

However, lately I feel a renewed vigor towards local music–and just to clarify what I mean when I refer to local music I am talking regional, so New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. There’s a shit ton of really fantastic bands, and in general the level of musicianship I’ve been encountering lately is simply amazing. That is why I am stoked on the two shows I have coming up this Saturday and the following Saturday.

I feel like both are a strong representation of the quality of local music that exists on my home turf (Warren and Sussex County, NJ). Below you’ll find the show posters, which if clicked will lead you to the event pages for the shows. Additionally, below that you’ll find a great little music documentary that I took part in two years ago. It’s a pretty eclectic lineup of bands, but basically we all stayed a weekend at a 150 year old church and made a music doc. Anyway, enjoy.



And here’s that music documentary. It’s long so get some popcorn and comfortable seating.

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