There’s Blogger Awards Apparently

All right, I must admit I’m pretty new to running a blog that’s focused entirely on my work. Before with RoneBreak it was an attempt at a cultural collective meant to showcase a myriad of different projects, very few of which were mine. So I apologize if my blogging etiquette is a little rough around the edges. After all, I started this as a means of giving my writing and work in general some kind of online presence. Why? Well, to give potential employers an easy place to go and because the internet is a magical entity that can lead the right people to you as long as you exist virtually.

Nevertheless, a fellow blogger, alwaysandie nominated me for this thing called the Liebster Award. Of course I Googled it to see what that meant and it’s an award for up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. There’s a whole bunch of rules for participation once nominated. You gotta answer some questions. Then you gotta nominate 5 other bloggers. And so on and so forth. However, while I check out every blog by people who like, share, or comment on my work, I must admit that I’ve only found a handful that appeal personally to me.

One thing I’ve noticed and something that I’m sort of uncomfortable with about the blog culture is the idea that a lot of people like, subscribe, or share not because they enjoyed your work but because they are hoping you do the same for their work (even if it might not appeal to you). After all, the more likes, shares, etc. one gets the more visibility their blog gets. It’s sort of like kids who rank up in online video games just to be the highest ranked. I never understood that because I believe in earning your standing or your ranking based on the merit of your work.

So with that said, I promise to continue to check out the blogs and work of any person who likes, shares, or comments on mine, but be forewarned that if you are liking, sharing, or commenting please do so because you enjoyed my work not because you hope I’ll reciprocate the likes or shares.

5 thoughts on “There’s Blogger Awards Apparently

  1. Very interesting sex segue at the end :p

    I couldn’t agree more there is a culture of star collecting on here, I actually feel a little disappointed when someone “likes” my stuff but doesn’t comment. I have begun to see it as a means to acknowledge that an individual took the time to look at what I wrote but didn’t really like it all that much (which is fine! Though I don’t believe that is what the like button was originally intended for). It’s nice to see that someone else shares the same distain for those who just like but aren’t doing it for any other reason than traffic. I give you a pass, you in no way have to check out my work I just wanted to make sure I acknowledged I read what you wrote and took it to heart 🙂 Congrats on your nomination.

    1. Thanks Sonya. Sorry for the ridiculously late reply, and glad this piece resonated. I actually forgot about this until I was cleaning up my site and came across it, which is when I saw your comment.

      Edit: I realized I did reply, just not directly. Clearly getting the rust off still haha

  2. Congratulations to you Joe for nomination, you deserve it! Just going through a handful of your blogs, being honest about your understanding of the blogging is fascinating to me. You are as gripping as Andie, ok I have to admit that the Celibate part got me and yes I agree that sex is great, with the right person. And being celibate for a year I know! Sorry went off track, music is something that is a hobby and a passion for me and dancing (what can I say a sucker for rhythm). Whether you read my blog or not is irrelevant, I would just like to say that blog is great and Andie’s nomination was definitely put in the right place! Never stop!

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