Finding the Positive in Tragedy: The Boston Marathon Bombings


When I woke up this morning I had an urgent email from my editor with a list of local citizens, who had participated in the marathon. “Other sites already have stories. The pressure is on,” she wrote. I cringed, knowing this was the kind of assignment I hate. The kind of assignment where basic human decency seems to go out the window for the sake of page views. Much of the media seems to salivate over these kind of events. After all it’s an opportunity, but it seems much of the media gets lost in the opportunity, succumbs to sensationalizing tragedy, and does it for nothing other than the superficial reward of being “first”. It sickens me, but I realized I also had an opportunity to try and write an article that didn’t sensationalize the event. 

Read the article at

There is no mistaking what occurred in Boston on April 15th, 2013. It was a tragedy in what seems to have been a year marred by events of senseless violence. Just another plot carried out by some disillusioned person or group, who has managed to justify attacking a crowd of innocent and unsuspecting people for reasons unclear. But as we’ve seen with each of these awful incidents that highlight the dark side of humanity, we often see that the brighter side is much more prevalent—and maybe we’re finally beginning to realize it’s that side we should be focused on.


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