A Note Found On My Phone

Life is a crazy thing. More specifically, life as a human being is a crazy thing. It’ll ruin you if you let it, but if you embrace it fully life will bestow upon you the greatest joys it has to offer.

One day after working out for the first time in months I considered staying in on a Friday because I could barely walk. Fortunately, I saw the potential. So I went to an art show in Newark. It was absolutely fantastic.

The vibes were great. The music was fun, and late in the night I found myself at a Spanish bar in Passaic eating the spiciest tacos I’ve ever come across. The bar’s patrons sung drunkenly in espanol along to a karaoke machine.

It was amazing, and as the tears and snot dripped from my head I couldn’t help but rejoice. Rejoice over the magic that had manifested itself from not questioning anything. Instead, I went with the flow of the night.

And as I write this, talented musicians are making beautiful music on a whim inside an old piano factory. How I’m here does not matter. Why I’m here does not matter. What matters is that I’m here, soaking in the wondrous beauty that life has to offer in all its strange randomness.

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