Why Does it Feel like the Police Hate Us?

Given the increasing number of instances where police have over-aggressively abused their authority–and from experiencing it myself–it troubles me to see such divisiveness in our country. While we’re bickering and hating each other over insignificant bullshit, the powers that be (The Donkeys and Elephants) are methodically ruining our ability to live fulfilling lives. Why? Because they know we’re sick of their shit. They know we’re finally at a point of not being able to deal with it. Rather than address the root causes of this civil unrest, they instead are preparing to deal with it when things finally erupt.

In February a ruckus was caused when it came to light that the DHS was training officers with practice targets featuring photographs of children, young mothers, pregnant women, and disabled elderly people who were depicted as armed with handguns.

The No More Hesitation campaign was supposedly designed to break down stereotypes associated with generally non-threatening figures, for the purpose of saving officers’ lives. However, judging by the ensuing outcry, the American people seem to feel there are good and noble reasons why civilization has erected these constraints around the lives of the young and the aged and the vulnerable. Furthermore, they don’t want those constraints shot down by the domestic task force that has been constructed to protect them.

Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/high-tide-and-turn/2013/oct/31/will-domestic-law-enforcement-paranoia-turn-us-pol/#ixzz2kBsknDZD

If this isn’t a clear indication that they are not on our side, and if you still feel like claiming allegiance to a political party, you are only aiding them. The reason they won’t correct their morally bankrupt behavior is because they’ve gone too far. There is no turning back. Instead, their only option is t0 squash any and all opposition. And the reason they are afraid of a unified and cohesive America is because they know we, the American people, are the only real threat they have. The longer we continue fighting with each other, the worse it will get. The only chance for positive and non-violent change is to put the petty shit aside, to not take it so seriously, and to quit being a country of extremist ideologues. It is us against them, and it has been that way since the 1970s. Once we all realize it’s not Liberals v.s Conservatives that is when we can finally move forward as a country.

If you’re a police officer who is reading this I ask that you don’t view this as a denunciation of law enforcement. Instead, a plea from a fellow citizen saying there needs to be more civility and humanity from police towards citizens, and vice versa. We are not your enemy and we don’t want you to be ours. However, with the way our government is acting and the pressure they’re putting on you, they are forcing that situation to become a troubling reality.

If you’re a soldier or a veteran reading this, we know when push comes to shove you’ll have the people’s back. You showed it when active soldiers protected protestors from aggressive police during Occupy. And given how the American government has turned its back on veterans when they’ve made the real sacrifices for our safety, I have faith that you will protect us again if that time comes.

Sorry for making you read this long rant, but man, this shit’s been really bothering me lately.

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