An Update of Sorts

It’s been a bit since I’ve put some fresh words and thoughts on this site, but I figure right now is as good a time as any to do so. Returning from tour forced me to push the old reset button on this weird thing we call life. While the Tour Manager position was essentially a freelance gig, being away for three weeks completely threw off my rhythm. When I returned home I found myself significantly less busy. What I realized is that going from extremely busy to a few gigs here and there is similar to walking outside of a warm house into a cold, barren land wearing only shorts and a pair of socks. It’s a tremendous shock is what I should’ve said, but I like strange analogies, so forgive me.

Nevertheless, I’ve been doing whatever freelance work or odd jobs I can to get by, but it’s become apparent that a regular job would be a little less nerve-poking. There’s something to be said about consistent income, which is the fact that it lessens the pressure of having to find a certain amount of money by the end of the month.

However, after applying for numerous jobs I’m beginning to worry that my arrest back in October is affecting my ability to find employment. When you Google my name some of the first search results are silly articles telling the world I was arrested with Ronald McDonald and Golum while dressed like a sea captain.

I wouldn’t hire that guy, either. Yet an article based on a police report and no other context is hardly objective or accurate. So I’m going to set the record straight for any potential employer who might be reading this: I am completely innocent of the charges you read about. While the case is still ongoing, and what I can say legally is limited, I will tell you that I was running an event and merely tried to stop Golum from going over to the police, who were questioning his brother, Ronald. What happened after that was troubling on many levels, a prime example of one of the systemic issues adversely affecting our country and the entire world.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, it’s time to update the portolio a bit. One of the freelance jobs I’ve had is producing web content for Grain Audio, who makes some badass headphones and personal speaker systems using wood. A lot of what’s on the market utilizes composite materials that diminish the quality of the sound. Wood produces something a bit more natural. Below are links to videos and interviews I’ve produced with the help of Drew Born, Alex Bacon, and Joe Vellecamp, who all handled filming and/or editing at some point.

A Conversation with Les Racquet (words/video)

A Conversation with Crobot (words)

 Gypsy Wig at The Rock Shop (video)

A Conversation with Marco Benevento (words)

A Conversation with Guy Blakeslee (words)

Interview with Langhorne Slim (video)

Aside from that, I’ve taken a hiatus in regards to organizing shows/events for Lectric Pulp in order to focus on working for the Dr. Jasper Wilder Foundation. It’s an unpaid gig as the focus of the Wilder Foundation is to support local artists, musicians, and small businesses through mindful events, which also benefit local communities in one way or another. The first major undertaking of the Wilder Foundation has been organizing a variety of benefits, some of which are going towards the funding of a music, arts, and farms festival whenever an appropriate venue is found. If you want to learn more or follow what’s going on just click the following: Dr. Jasper Wilder on Facebook

Other than that it’s gardening for Belgian women and whatever other odd jobs that come along. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to snag a copy of my book, Life On a Treadmill, if you haven’t already. Almost forgot to shamelessly promote my book.  Additionally, I am still writing things down and I’m hoping to have something new by the end of 2014. No promises. I could die in some horrible freak accident. Another reason to buy the current book. Get that collector’s item early and root for the unexpected death of a young man.  Well this took a dark turn.

Click the cover to move one step closer to owning what I’ve been told, “is the greatest shitter book ever written.”  People have also told me they read it in other places than the bathroom, so it’s versatile as well.

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