A Letter to Good Cops

Dear Good Cops,

I’m mad, and I’m writing this with a heavy heart. Most importantly I’m not alone–there are millions of Americans who are sick of watching your unhinged peers beat, kill, and abuse our neighbors, our friends, our fellow countrymen.

What we can’t seem to comprehend is how you watch as the psychopaths among you run rampant like juiced up bodybuilders high on angel dust, and you do nothing, you say nothing, and you even lie under oath to make sure they can keep doing it. I understand the brotherhood you form with each other, the thin blue line, the very thing that undermines your humanity every time some innocent person ends up beaten or murdered.

But guess what? We’re finally waking up. We’re beginning to see you for what you are: cowards whose only objective is self-preservation. And as you could imagine, being violently woken up because someone is pissing on you is not going to go well, for anyone.

I asked a cop what he thought about what’s happening in Ferguson, MO and he immediately jumped to the defense of the police, who have attacked peaceful protesters and journalists.

“Act like animals get treated like animals,” he said.

And ain’t that rub? Is that how you view us, as animals to be corralled and controlled?

We know there are good cops out there, but as the casualties rise each year, as civil rights seem to be violated on a daily basis, and as we are continuously treated with disrespect we begin to wonder where these good cops are. Why aren’t they speaking out? Why do they turn a blind eye and continue to tow this perversely demented line?

Well, they don’t want to lose their job because, after all, there are repercussions for violating the fraternal order. So they let their brain justify the horrible shit they see or do. They give into the brainwashing and carry on. Yet there are no repercussions for abusing power, for executing people who don’t allow themselves to be harassed or kidnapped without a reason. Man, ain’t that some shit?

If this keeps up, if the “good” cops continue to remain complicit and quiet, there will be another American civil war.

You are human, goddamnit! Start acting like it. After all, you may have more weapons, but we have the numbers, and if there’s one thing Americans have a low tolerance for it’s being pushed around. And you can bet your badge, your pension, and your gun that you will be reminded of your humanity when your friends, your neighbors, your kids’ friends are killed by the overzealous, hyper violent scumbags you’ve enabled and protected by not doing everything in your power to rid yourself of the cancer that has eroded the public’s trust we once had in you.

Just like you profile us, we are profiling you. So don’t complain, don’t be bitter. We have seen enough horrible shit carried out by your “brothers” that we can no longer give you the benefit of the doubt. That is why we film you when you pull us over because it’s better safe than sorry. We just want to go home to our families at the end of the day. Sound familiar?


A Fellow American

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