Today I Am 27. Whoop-dee-doo


Twenty-seven years on Earth. This is a dangerous year for my kind, but I’m not too concerned. Life has been good. Mostly because it could be so much worse. It’s not, and that’s worth a bit of gratitude. The post-college years have exposed me to the dichotomous reality of adulthood, but it has not killed my inner child or my general enthusiasm for life. And I think that’s the key to aging: maintain the joyous, curious, and mischievous kid inside you for as long as you possibly can.

It’s unnerving to think my twenties are a few short years from being over. Yet it’s not because I fear them. I don’t view my thirties as the end of fun or as that point where I have to approach life with the laughable seriousness of a Mall Cop. In fact, I’m completely indifferent at this point. There’s no controlling the ship, no matter how hard you try to be the captain. Life will take you where it takes you. I don’t necessarily think that’s fate or destiny, but simply what’s most probable. There are too many variables at play so there’s no point getting caught up in the insecurities of aging.

Hell, I’m really only writing this because it’s just nuts to think I’ve been in existence for twenty-seven years. That’s pretty cool. But in the event that something happens, I’ve prepared some last words. I know, it seems a bit cryptic, but I’m not going to wait around until the moment right before death to say the shit I want to say, so here it is:

Last words. Part of me wants to write a book and another part wants to write a sentence, so a paragraph will do. To my friends and family, I love you all. Without you life would not have been worth it. To everyone else, be good to one another. After all, you’re only human—no more, no less. Go Dolphins!

Now with that out of the way, it is my birthday, so I get to make demands….requests…I get to make requests. The best gift any person could give me today is to pick up a copy of my book by clicking here: Life On a Treadmill: The Collected Works of a Successful Failure

Or you can pick up a copy at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

Passing the link around would also be appreciated (link: The way I see it is this is the ideal way to do adult birthdays. You, the gift giver, spend money and get a book. I get money, which is what anyone ever wants for their birthday anyway.

All right, thanks for reading. I hope you continue to read.

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