If we learned anything from ‪#‎Ferguson‬ it’s that stupidity runs deep in this country, and that rational thought is often suppressed for what’s most sensational. We are constantly divided by right or left ideologies, and there is no greater evidence than the public debate over what happened between Mike Brown and Darren Wilson.

Cops and conservatives pump out unsubstantiated rumors that favor Wilson while liberals and African-Americans do the same in favor of Mike Brown. Everything at this point is hearsay and nothing is definitive. Yet lines have been drawn in the sand, sides have been taken, and the war of words is in full swing.

What’s troubling is that this side-picking has blinded people to what we do know, and what has clearly been happening in the aftermath. You have militarized police units suppressing media, attacking and arresting peaceful protesters and journalists, and lying about the number of arrests they made and how many people were shot.

Just like it’s been argued that the shooting and the store robbery are separate, the shooting and the protests are separate. And the police have failed tremendously in their approach while displaying a certain adversarial and paranoid attitude that needs to be addressed on a national level. All cops may not be racist or bad, but the majority of them possess a cynical and bleak worldview as a result of their job. They are paranoid and that paranoia is only going to worsen as the public’s mistrust in them grows.

As much as it’d be easy to blame cops for all of this, their issues stem from larger issues within our society. It really comes down to developing not just better education, but instilling a love of learning into all kids. This anti-intelligence culture of ours, one focused on superficialities, is precisely why people succumb to the weaker traits and impulses of their character. They are too dumb to know better, and that’s what is most sad about this whole mess.

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