Life On a Treadmill is One Year Old


Time sure as hell flies. It’s been one year since I released Life On a Treadmill: The Collected Works of a Successful Failure, and while I stopped paying much attention to sales, I know it’s over 150. For an unknown author, who doesn’t have the big publishing house resources, I can’t be prouder of that number–even if it is an educated estimation. So I have to offer up a big thanks and my eternal appreciation for anyone who purchased a copy.

If you’re a straggler and haven’t yet done so, but have been meaning to or just realized in this moment that you want a copy, CLICK HERE or click the photo or link above. Copies are also available at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, NY. I believe they’ll be featuring copies at the counter this weekend so if you’re in the area please make the kind book buyer there feel validated for liking my book enough to stock it.

I’m currently working on Volume 2 of my collected works, which will be titled, “I Am the Sea Captain”. I’m also in the process of outlining and researching a novel, which will be set in and around Newark, NJ. For the past few months I’ve been working as a Logistical Coordinator and Runner for an electrical contracting company. That experience will be the foundation on which the novel is built.

As for other projects, a book of songs and poems will be out in the next month, and I’m calling it, “Maybe These Are Poems/Maybe These Are Songs/But Whatever They Are/They Sure Aren’t Long”. I’m also working on releasing something I’ve had on the back burner for just about 8 years. Details will emerge eventually.

Other than that, make sure to follow The Dr. Jasper Wilder Foundation and Lectric Pulp on Facebook for any events I’m organizing or apart of.

Thanks for taking the time to read this completely self-indulgent update, which is more of a reminder/motivator for me than anything else.

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