True freedom doesn’t exist in a civilized world. Yet we covet the concept of freedom like children covet ice cream. We are a species of delusion. Reality is far too complex for our puny human minds to comprehend, so we shape it to be tolerable. But man, is the idea of total freedom exhilarating. It is almost like the sensation of riding a roller coaster for the first time. There’s anxiety but there’s also deep excitement. And in the end you arrive at the station, safe and sound.

Even when life is bad or difficult, if you look close enough there’s something worth being seen. It fucks with you as a close friend would. It might be harsh initially but it’s for your own good. Smile and embrace it. Your flaws are the scars of your humanity.  There is nothing wrong with that. Be human, damnit. But try not to destroy the world. Know when to tone it down, pull back, and let go. Pick your battles is what everyone says. But freedom’s a pretty good battle—so long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process. The cardinal rule: Respect the freedom of others and in turn your freedom will be ensured.


Author’s Note: The header photo has nothing to do with this piece. It just makes me happy. Also, I don’t remember writing this but clearly I did.

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