I Don’t Know Why I Can’t Stop Talking About This Shit

The problem (among many) with the current Republican party is that all their candidates are quick to angered vitriol but incapable of swallowing their pride.
We all have fits of rage, moments when emotion overcomes reason, but decent people recognize this and they apologize when they’ve gotten out of line. At the very least they walk back whatever enraged nonsense they engaged in. Diplomacy does not work when one or both parties are dementedly cocksure and stubborn. And diplomacy–not war–is the only way to co-exist in this world.

Yet there are these pockets throughout this planet ruled by an unfathomable ignorance; the kind that propels such populations into neverending grief and conflict. The 1% are more than just sociopathic finaciers. The 1% are socio/psychopathic personalities in general, no matter what their specialty–be it money or beheadings or enslaving children.

But these monstrous aberrations of our collective humanity seem to elicit such profound mass reactions. Situations where emotion overtakes reason because how could it not? These sick degenerate fucks are out there dropping dynamite in the septic tank. Why add that kind of trauma to an already misweighted society?

I refuse to believe that any person’s pain is so acute and consuming that it justifies actions that create pain or suffering for others. And I’m wrong in my refusal of that notion because history has shown the most alienated, marginalized or miserable people tend to cause the greatest damage.

Ideological wrecking balls fermented by personalized misinformation and carefully selected groups of like-minded dipshits. No matter how much society advances there will always be the outliers. Those sick freaks who make us question whether demons live among us. Such atrocious humans exist, it seems, to remind us that Hell is a possibility even though it’s not a confirmed reality.

And damnit, even if Hell is a brilliant exercise in fiction, it’s still better to play it safe and be a decent human being than end up stewing in lava, hate, and fuckery. Life and death are much easier that way. Surely, we can all agree on that? Then again, shooting people who annoy you or live differently is a quick fix, like using gum to seal a leaking pipe. It will hold momentarily but what the fuck are you thinking? Have these creeps ever seen the Grinch? People tend to rally around tragedy, especially large scale tragedies. If the goal is to divide and disrupt then may I suggest causing traffic jams in densely populated areas? After all, traffic has a way of turning people from otherwise civil beings into froth-mouthed lunatics.

How stupid must a person be to think killing innocent people will somehow win the masses over to their ideology? But Scientology has managed just fine, and for whatever reasons Mormonism is hanging in there. By comparison to some of the shit people believe today, those two are fairly tame–acceptable even–but still weird and nonsensical.

The point, buried in this now lengthy arrangement of words, is that none of this makes sense. We can have our theories,opinions, and suspicions but they are ultimately irrelevant because Hell is a possibility and so are unicorns and aliens.  So chill the fuck out. Nothing you believe is worth killing over. The only time violence is necessary is to protect innocents. Otherwise, take a breath, believe whatever silly thing you need to get through the day, and enjoy the brief time you’ll spend in this realm.

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