A Letter to Bernie Sanders

Even though we’ve seen the hideous underbelly of our political system this election, you provided us with an example of what we should want and expect from our politicians. Not lies or empty talking points meant to placate us and appeal to the primitive aspects of our psyches. Instead you offered, in one sense, tough love, as you have your entire career, by not sugar coating the serious issues we continue to face as a nation. But you also displayed sincere compassion and empathy while offering up pragmatic and relatively realistic policies to help us begin to remedy what ails us.

You’ve helped be a productive and positive medium to convey the collective disenfranchisement of multiple generations of Americans. And at various moments, as a result of your success catching the establishment off guard, you got them to expose themselves out of a fiendish desperation to cling to their power.

In the end, though, we all have to check our emotions here, swallow our pride, and get what we can while we prepare to not let what happened in 2016 ever happen again. And I just want to thank you for truly being a solid example of not just what we should want from our politicians but what we should work towards on an individual basis as people.

It doesn’t take great strength or courage to stand up to the DNC or Donald Trump because they are inherently depraved. Any moral person should be compelled to condemn the actions of both. But it certainly does take great strength and courage to do what you did, to concede even when it didn’t feel right. Even after you, hoisted up on the shoulders of your supporters, overcame absolutely corrupt nonsense to get as far as you did.

You did the pragmatic thing and got the most you could, valuable concessions that if honored will help us elect better politicians and in turn enact better legislation. It hurts, and while many choose to remain bitter and angry, they will eventually understand why you did what you did.

Nevertheless, thank you for being the spark we needed, and I truly hope the people you’ve brought into this process don’t tune out and revert back towards the apathy that has enabled the sorry state of leadership we currently have in front of us.

Momentarily heartbroken but eternally optimistic,

Joe Dimeck

PS – Try to reform ballot access laws so in situations like this someone in your position could’ve run Independent without an expensive petitioning campaign and legal battle.

PSS – Was really looking forward to Jane as a First Lady. I guess Bill will have to do 😦

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