Words Convey Beliefs. Beliefs Inform Behavior.

​Words convey beliefs. Beliefs inform behavior. Words matter. So it amazes me how no matter what Trump has done or said, his supporters desperately grasp at straws to defend him. 

They try to dismiss it as him saying mean things while Hillary does bad things. Well Trump has done plenty of bad things and the beliefs his words convey should inform us all that his behavior will only get worse.

It’s just absolutely amazing in the most depressing way how loyal and willing his supporters are to deny their own humanity to egg him on more. How? Why? I’ve really tried hard to give them the benefit of doubt throughout this election but the Trumpkins are the worst of us. Like Donald they are an absolute embarrassment to this country. They’re fueled by a demented kind of patriotism as they cheer on the most unAmerican and unqualified candidate in history.  The irony is no longer amusing. It is cause for serious concern and soul searching as a society.

If we don’t prioritize education, if we don’t undo the perverse kind of selfishness that enables people to look at other people as obstacles or burdens, we will know the pain of the people we’ve oppressed or mistreated throughout history. We will know that pain intimately as we watch our country become the kind of nation we’ve aggressively condemned before.

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