Let’s Make America Great

To the Trump supporters in view of my feed, here’s the last thing I’m saying about this election. I genuinely need a break from following this, and my sympathies go out to every journalist who probably has PTSD from following even more intently than I have.

Please, you don’t have to vote for Hillary. Vote for literally anyone or anything else–Zombie Hitler or your favorite song–but just don’t vote Trump. Please as someone who has obsessively studied this shit since I was teenager, I have never seen what has felt utterly surreal in this disturbing of a way. Even Palin as the VP candidate didn’t elicit this kind of genuine stress and concern over what was happening. I never once pleaded with anyone to vote for Obama like I pleaded with people to vote Bernie in the primaries, and I’m not even asking you to vote for Hillary now.

I am only asking you to look into your conscience, buried underneath all the misinformation that’s been fed to you, and honestly ask yourself if you want someone like Donald Trump being a role model for children. If you want him dealing with unstable world leaders who have a thinner skin than he himself does. Do you really want someone who spouts off at the mouth like that, who rejects practically any viewpoint other than his own, to be the face of our country for even one day?

And that’s just the gist. He is much worse, and the spiteful divisions he himself has sowed this election, all because he was being criticized is the most damning proof he is not qualified to run a country. As Louis CK put it, American society has basically held Hillary Clinton down for years and spit in her mouth, and the worst she has done is acted selfishly and with a chip her on shoulder. She may as well have “Success is the Best Revenge” tattooed across her chest.

So don’t vote Hillary if you truly can’t. I get it. But please just don’t vote Trump. You will regret it unless you really do hate blacks, women, gays, hispanics, and pretty much anyone who isn’t exactly like you. You will regret if you love more than just the 2nd Amendment of our great Constitution. You will regret it if you have children or grandchildren who must grow up in a world where someone like him can be President. You will regret it when you realize you could’ve given them a much better future if you didn’t slam the panic button because of petty biases and personal pride. I assure you of that, and that may mean very little to you. But as someone who spends more time in doubt than in certainty, I have never been more certain about something than what I just typed.

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