A Brief Reflection on the State of the World

Every time I talk to Baby Boomers about how precarious our entire global situation is they always bring up the Cuban Missile Crisis to somehow undermine my point.

Look, perception is not often reality, and in hindsight we know that situation was not as dangerous as it seemed then. Both countries knew it was mutually assured suicide.

Fast forward to 2017, where numerous unhinged dictators with loyalties to Putin have been installed throughout the world. One is even our President. Nearly anything that gives folks comfort, be it economic data or religion or powerful indifference are merely fragile illusions that can be undermined at any moment. Complement that with the surge of anti-intellectualism that has made many so gullible they think these psychopaths actually care about other people, and it’s hard not to cringe just thinking about what that foreshadows.

The reality is people are hurting. More people are hurting than thriving and they’ve developed coping mechanisms to suppress that pain enough to function so they can keep their heads above water. We are moving back towards an era of feudalism, in which only a select few experience all the beauty of this world while the rest work tirelessly to produce items/services they’ll never experience solely to survive and continue to exist.

That said, the indifference so many have sought for temporary and misguided relief won’t protect folks from reality forever. Eventually reality will grab them by the throat and demand they look into its eyes before it dispenses of them for good. But given the attitudes as of late, I can imagine that moment being met by a shrug and passive acceptance.

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