Saying Goodbye to Facebook and Instagram

In recent weeks, our concerns about social media platforms, particularly the ones run by a Zuckerberg, have been confirmed. But not just confirmed in the way we assumed they sold our data, you know, to market to us directly.

No, instead it seems Facebook was quite complicit in aiding the propaganda campaign aimed at undermining our country. Profit is profit when you’re a public company so I guess it’s easy to understand why a sociopath like Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t see the moral issues with doing what he did.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to no longer use his products. Over the next month, a little less now, I will be scuttling my Facebook and Instagram in order to make this my primary online home.

I realize this is only going to make building anything significantly more difficult, but it also gives me an excuse to actually keep this site populated with regular content.

We’ll see how that goes hah.

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Facebook and Instagram

  1. We’ve all been ravaged in some way by one of these products. I support this decision. Plus, you really shine in long form anyhow.

    1. It’s sad because I think they had potential as tools for aiding progress, but narcissism plus advanced covert influence campaigns truly made social media an embarassing shitshow. Also thanks for the kind words.

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