Kremlin’s Kraken Keeps Trumping America

There’s a difficulty I find in trying to express the feeling this time period has produced in me. It’s a numbness, but a burning numbness, which undermines the entire definition of what numb is. I feel nothing and everything at once. Yet we are at a juncture in time where little makes sense anymore, so why should our feelings be exempt from the collective befuddlement? Confusion is the guiding force for most Americans, and it’s exhausting like bored sex. It’s something to do, better than nothing at first, but then nothing seems quite appealing as you maintain a steady, uninspired pace until biology defogs the brain clouded by subtle impulses to procreate.

And in this country, many of the misguided folk, who threw their country in front of the Trump train to spite the elitists currently stacking cash because of it, believe that procreation must never be impeded as it is God’s will. As we learn more about Michael Cohen’s fixing (and how Russia is tied to all of it), it’s hard not to ponder how those God-fearing folks will respond to learning the president likely paid for abortions. But that’s not what I want to focus on because it’s currently just a gut feeling I have, and to confidently expound on the rumblings of my gut would be hypocritically Trumpian.

No, instead, today we’ll once again revisit the one scandal that should have undone the Trump presidency by now: His coordination with Russia, a country who was actively waging a psy-ops campaign aimed at sowing violent division in America. Of course the reason it hasn’t undone Trump’s presidency (yet) is because his party has consolidated power across all branches of government. This is a party who whines and stomps their feet until they get power, only to squander it on near-sighted looting of working class people they claim to be helping.

An economic disaster is looming as the current situation is unsustainable long-term, but again we can’t focus on that because our president and the Republican party are deeply compromised, by oligarchs domestic and abroad. We know elements of it are certainly financial, but given how we shrug off massive financial fraud as no big deal in this country it’s hard to imagine that’s the driving force behind the blatantly corrupt nature of our government at this point in time. No politician fears their financial crimes posing much of a threat to their life, unless they’re on the level of Trump’s, which means deeply intertwined with organized crime. And maybe that’s the case, that numerous Republicans have rubles in their campaign budgets, but maybe Trump’s not the only one with compromising sexual encounters they’d like to keep private.

Nevertheless, what’s been most frustrating about this whole ordeal is that the publicly available evidence and Trump’s behavior make it fairly obvious he’s guilty. Innocent people simply don’t act like that, especially when faced with allegations of this magnitude. At least in the age of Cheney they put effort into their lies, using props like viles of anthrax and other bits of fabricated hard evidence to sell their scam.

In the age of Trump, it’s the low effort that’s more insulting than the string of lies, crimes and scandals. In America we expect our con-artists to go above and beyond, like Lance Armstrong, who only got caught because of jealous cheaters who didn’t experience the same glory. Instead, the entire Trump/Russia criminal cabal will go down because of a laziness that was justified by toxic hubris and fueled by petty spite—that is if they don’t plunge the world into a war to keep Mueller at bay.

So it wasn’t surprising news that Cohen received money from Russian oligarchs (and major U.S corporations) in what looks like an obvious attempt to sell access to the president. In fact, at this point, given how many different tentacles stretching out from the Kremlin have been attached to Trump in both business and political capacities, the only thing that would be surprising is if Trump genuinely had no knowledge of any of this simply because Dr. Bornstein kept him hopped up on Rohypnol in order to never remember anything incriminating.  Actually, I don’t know if that would be surprising. At this point, and with the bar so low it’s buried, the absurd and troubling is expected, and that’s a problem (like many) that we can’t adequately address because a distraction has become our president via gerrymandering, propaganda, compromised congressmen, and of course, Vladimir Putin and his mob of oligarchs.

What a time to be alive!


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