Hang Tight, Content Coming

Hey folks, who have suddenly been showing up on my website more frequently. Nevertheless, the Trump Criminal Organization has produced a lot of news since my last post. Currently trying to figure out what subjects to focus on for the next piece, but I might choose to instead focus on the decline of American culture in the wake of Trump. Again, none of this disgusting circus began with Trump, but he is the culmination of what has been a core theme of my writing since I started publishing: The rise of superficiality.

Trust me, I hate having to write about the same stuff so often, but considering I feel a sense of duty to produce social commentary, you folks aren’t helping me much by not changing. And that’s not fair as I think people are sick of the direction we’ve gone as a society, but I have yet to see meaningful collective efforts to become a society of substance once again. Ok, a society of substance that also isn’t hypocritically racist.

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/LectricPulp

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