Remove Trump or Let America Die

I was planning to address the collective exhaustion the Trump presidency has caused due to his onslaught of idiocy and scandals. However, that exhaustion has taken its toll on me as I struggle to keep up on bills and general personal maintenance. So I’m just going to write what’s on my mind currently:

In the time between now and my last missive in June, Trump has faced scandal after scandal, from separating migrant families in concentration camps with televisions to being implicated as co-conspirator in a serious campaign finance violation relative to his hush payments to a porn star and a Playmate.

His campaign manager and Russian covfefe boy, Paul Manafort, went to jail for witness tampering ahead of his first trial for tax/financial fraud, where he was found guilty and is facing 80 years in prison. His more serious trial in September on conspiracy charges has double the evidence as well as cooperating witnesses who also worked closely with Trump during the campaign and the early days of his illegitimate presidency.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and criminal fixer, is an admitted felon who plans to show investigators who Trump really is.

But let’s not forget that we don’t need every accomplice of Trump to flip on him to know who Donald Trump is. To his credit, Trump has only been transparent about one thing, and that is how monumentally pathetic, disgusting, and evil he is as a person.

A man who lies publicly close to 8 times a day, lies at least double that in private, and we can only imagine the insane bullshit Trump tells to people he thinks like and respect him.

In reality, even more pitiful sociopaths, like Russians, Stephen Miller and white supremacists, see Trump as a means to an ugly end. A world ruled by mentally and physically inferior thugs with thin skin and the desperation to engage via brutality. After all, to engage in good faith would expose them for the soulless and barely human creatures they are.

Yet there are still Americans, too proud and stubborn, to admit they’ve been conned by even lesser men than themselves, to the point that they continue to cheer on the tyrant’s parade of lies and thinly-veiled hatred. History will not be kind to any of these people, the enablers or the traitors and demagogues they’ve enabled.

And despite what Op-ed writers try to say to justify this abnormal shitshow of a society we got here, we should not be kind to them either. The Trump base loves to refer to themselves as the Silent Majority who won’t remain silent any longer. The reality is they are a Loud Minority, and one that is actively rooting against the country they claim to love. They are nothing more than a deranged minority who will say and do anything to keep their false God in power. We know where their heart lies, and it lies in a truly dark place. Some might be misguided by their own misery and failures in life, seeing Trump as a means to make their misery collective. I can empathize with those people, but I will not excuse their treason-by-proxy. I will not excuse their willful insistence on forcing their demented fantasy on all of us, and against the will of truth and reality.

So while Trump has failed in every aspect of his presidency, from his spiteful negligence of Puerto Rico to handing Kim Jong-Un priceless propaganda to countless bamboozles and fatal miscalculations, it is his base who has failed in regards to their duties as Americans and people.

They should be ashamed, but sadly, many of them will conjure up even more absurd justifications for their reasoning when the truth corners them, as it will continue to do.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely imperative that everyone rightfully sickened by Trump and the Republicans keep the pressure on. Nothing is more important than the swift removal and prosecution of Trump and his criminal co-conspirators. That is the only thing that matters now. We must not let the inevitable distractions Trump creates allow us to lose sight of the fact that Donald Trump belongs in jail, not power.

No more apathy, folks. We all should care that a Russian asset and wannabe mob boss tickled by dementia is at the helm of our country. And we all should see the fundamental problem with that. The fact that there’s any question over whether Trump should be president is a prime example of the impact anti-intellectualism has had on this nation. Logic, facts, and reason have been proudly replaced by ego, belief, and opinion, which is great news for liars and crooks, but bad news for anyone who doesn’t wish to live in a third world environment anytime soon. And for those loyal to the melting creamsicle, this is all FAKE NEWS!

That said, make no mistake about it, Trumpism is the polar opposite of Americanism. That is why we are faced with what should be a fairly simple choice: Remove Trump or Let America Die.


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