Being Right Never Felt So Bad

Anyone who knows me knows that my disgust for Donald Trump ran deep way back before 2015. I spent hours upon hours trying to warn folks about what electing him would lead to, what it would do to the economy, the environment, our health if something like, I don’t know, a truly efficient virus suddenly caused a global pandemic.

This entire pitiful shitshow that was the Trump presidency and the parasitic consumption of an antiquated Republican party was the most predictable series of terrible events I’ve seen in my life–and I’ve lived through the Patriots’ dynasty as a Dolphins’ fan. What’s most infuriating is that it was all easily preventable.

Now as only two weeks remain before Trump’s immunity from prosecution vanishes like he will, if given the chance, he will grow more desperate, more pathetic, and may honestly need to be removed for national and global security reasons. Easily the most corrupt and inept president in history, a desperate and unhinged buffoon, a bundle of awful traits which ultimately saved our country.

Donald Trump’s ability to gaslight himself into believing the deranged bullshit he used to con so many Americans is perhaps the greatest proof that karma knows how to weave the arch of justice with comedic precision.

As I write this, Trump cultists are in D.C. getting pepper sprayed and arrested by police, confused as to why the cops didn’t reciprocate the same kooked out blind loyalty that has defined the entire Trumpist movement.

There is a lot of work to be done to clean up the Republicans’ greatest mess yet, and it will be extremely costly. However, with the Democrats on the verge of sealing a slim majority in Congress, there is somehow hope after all.

While these last 4 years have felt like a decade of anxiety and horrible news on an hourly basis, those who didn’t drink the Flavor Aid found some common ground to unite around.

This was essentially a Cold Civil War, and it seems our systems have held, even it feels like they only barely held.

In the end, America won. Pitiful fascism centered around an equally pitiful grifter failed, like a drunk driver whose pants fell around their ankles as they’re trying to pass a field sobriety test.

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