Mic Hop Podcast

Took some time and headed out to Easton, PA last night to sit in and talk live music, writing, and assorted nonsense on the Mic Hop Podcast. You can listen to it below. That said, make sure to check out their site and what they’re doing in regards to open mics: www.MicHopTours.com

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True freedom doesn’t exist in a civilized world. Yet we covet the concept of freedom like children covet ice cream. We are a species of delusion. Reality is far too complex for our puny human minds to comprehend, so we shape it to be tolerable. But man, is the idea of total freedom exhilarating. It is […]

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Leeroy Jenkins is 10 years old Today

It’s one of the oldest (and greatest) videos on the internet. World of Warcraft player, Leeroy Jenkins, swiftly undoes a solid few minutes of thoughtful planning by his team–presumably because he was too busy getting chicken to hear the master plan. The virtual chaos that ensues is not just appealing to video gamers, but to any and all […]

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Word of the Day: Gimgob

No, it’s not a racial slur. In fact, it’s a word I made up while backing out of a parking spot, only for some gimgob to inexplicably speed up and nearly rear-end me. I yelled, “Fucking gimgob,” and in that moment I had finally done what all writers hope to do, which is invent a word […]

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The Forgotten Chapter

I spent three weeks reading through everything I ever wrote, eventually compiling a varied mix of pieces into a book. Imagine standing in front of a mirror naked, thoroughly examining every square inch of your body–and doing so for three weeks with little interaction with the outside world. It’s unnerving, and you’ll find some things […]

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