My Upcoming Book Will Be Interactive

Below you’ll find a sample from my upcoming book, Maybe These Are Poems/Maybe These Are Songs/Whatever They Are/They Sure Aren’t Long. You’ll notice to the right of the poem/song/whatever is a prompt. That is because this is to be an interactive book. After all, I firmly believe everyone should write even if it’s only for themselves. […]

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The Truth is Simple

The truth is simple And it goes like this The truth is something that can’t exist No matter how much you persist The closest you’ll get is the gist So grab up all your possessions And set them by the curb Call up your loved ones And tell them what you heard It’s guaranteed They’ll […]

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Grocery Store Blues

Usually I won’t give a back story for a poem or set of lyrics because most of the time they come out of an image or random thought. However, given the bizarre nature of this one I figure it’s worth the context. My buddy Pat and I have been working on a movie script for […]

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Winter Fumes

The grass is turning green again The trees are beginning to bloom Spring is just around the bend And I’m running on fumes Wish I were renewable But time is not on any man’s side Wish I were renewable Like the seasons and like the tide written: 2011

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