When Hate Takes Hold

Between this and the last missive, a good deal of regression has occurred. Migrant children are still being caged, but that story just doesn’t seem to have the staying power you think it would. Mostly because a partisan perjurer and Jekyll & Hyde (or Brett and Bart) drunk became the latest addition to the Supreme […]

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Remove Trump or Let America Die

I was planning to address the collective exhaustion the Trump presidency has caused due to his onslaught of idiocy and scandals. However, that exhaustion has taken its toll on me as I struggle to keep up on bills and general personal maintenance. So I’m just going to write what’s on my mind currently: In the […]

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A Letter to Bernie Sanders

Even though we’ve seen the hideous underbelly of our political system this election, you provided us with an example of what we should want and expect from our politicians. Not lies or empty talking points meant to placate us and appeal to the primitive aspects of our psyches. Instead you offered, in one sense, tough […]

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