Mic Hop Podcast

Took some time and headed out to Easton, PA last night to sit in and talk live music, writing, and assorted nonsense on the Mic Hop Podcast. You can listen to it below. That said, make sure to check out their site and what they’re doing in regards to open mics: www.MicHopTours.com

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Leeroy Jenkins is 10 years old Today

It’s one of the oldest (and greatest) videos on the internet. World of Warcraft player, Leeroy Jenkins, swiftly undoes a solid few minutes of thoughtful planning by his team–presumably because he was too busy getting chicken to hear the master plan. The virtual chaos that ensues is not just appealing to video gamers, but to any and all […]

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The Asshole’s Guide to Driving

If you’re reading this you are an elite driver. Sadly, as a result of your superior skill set behind the wheel of an automobile you may often find yourself misunderstood when executing expert level maneuvers on the road. Commoners simply can’t comprehend what you’re doing because face it, they are terrible drivers. But don’t fret. […]

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The Cafeteria Chicken Sandwich

For nearly everyone who attended public school there were certain lunch days that were met with a little extra enthusiasm. But there was one in particular that didn’t necessarily get the same attention as pizza or taco day. I’m talking about the cafeteria chicken sandwich, a patty of pressed chicken scraps pumped full of sodium […]

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Things I Learned Last Night

Despite being on the verge of illness, I decided to head into Brooklyn for a show. After all, it was that or stay home alone and be bored. Within five minutes of being there I witnessed a girl crying on the sidewalk, which is always an awkward situation. From past experiences I’ve learned that one […]

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