Accidental Essay on Stupidity

So I accidentally wrote an essay on stupidity in response to an article about stupid people having more friends. My accidental essay was responding both to the main article and a comment claiming it was more about introverts vs extroverts. I think I make sense here, and for this being a stream of thought, I […]

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True freedom doesn’t exist in a civilized world. Yet we covet the concept of freedom like children covet ice cream. We are a species of delusion. Reality is far too complex for our puny human minds to comprehend, so we shape it to be tolerable. But man, is the idea of total freedom exhilarating. It is […]

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Mass Shootings: The Problem Is Us

It seems that every time someone decides to shoot up a bunch of random people society acts in a fairly predictable manner. The media tries to steer the conversation towards gun control (or lack of control) and blames violent movies, television, and video games. Common folk lambast the shooter as a deranged loser, who simply […]

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There were two high-schoolers sitting right behind me—a guy and a girl. It was clearly a date, and the guy was trying way too hard to seem sophisticated. When the food came out he attempted to describe it as though he were an expert, but merely called it “rich” and “decadent” over and over. When […]

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The Meaning of Life

Your innate curiosity brought you here.  Even though you’re probably skeptical, you still want to see if some stranger on the internet has finally found what you’re looking for: the meaning of life.  Well, read on and let yourself decide whether or not the following meets your requirements for an adequate and acceptable meaning. The […]

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Limitlessly Limited

As a species that is completely obsessed with the superhuman it is easy to understand why we often forget that we are human. And maybe we forget because inherent to being human is the recognition that we are limitlessly limited. This is perhaps why we as a species have gone through so much trouble and […]

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The Porch

Living alone has been a new experience for me. While having a space that is entirely yours to do what you want with is fantastic, sometimes the loneliness gets to you. I find myself doing more sitting around than I would have expected, and a bunch of it is done on my porch, staring into […]

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