On Modern Times

Sometimes I feel like the world is a broken record. It never seems to change. The patterns persist, and I spend far too much time caught up in the net. But this year (2015) there is a feeling that has fallen over the Earth like dry heat. At first, it’s comfortable—perfect even—but soon you feel […]

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Mass Shootings: The Problem Is Us

It seems that every time someone decides to shoot up a bunch of random people society acts in a fairly predictable manner. The media tries to steer the conversation towards gun control (or lack of control) and blames violent movies, television, and video games. Common folk lambast the shooter as a deranged loser, who simply […]

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There were two high-schoolers sitting right behind me—a guy and a girl. It was clearly a date, and the guy was trying way too hard to seem sophisticated. When the food came out he attempted to describe it as though he were an expert, but merely called it “rich” and “decadent” over and over. When […]

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No Cable

There are certain luxuries you give up when you force yourself to learn the value of budgeting. Cable is probably the one thing that’s been the most noticeable loss. Considering I only watch a handful of channels, the value just wasn’t there anymore. When I lived with my parents, I would watch marathons of Pawn […]

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